The Altaï Group was born from merging historically leading brands in the adventure tourism market. The choice was made to conserve each brand because they have their own identity. This enables different types of travelers to access the unique Altaï experience: explorative holidays in remarkable places.


L’Esprit Trek

Walking through the wilderness, sleeping in a bivouac, reaching a summit, being warmly welcomed in a remote village… These efforts, sensations & emotions represent the true spirit of a trekking and have been attracting travelers for thirty years.

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Specialized in polar territories, 66°Nord has deeply settled bases in countries like Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Finland and even Svalbard.


By foot, bike or kayak, our active trips lead us to remote villages lost in wild landscapes. Local inhabitants welcome us in their homes, enabling us to discover their culture and traditions.

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Our goal is to share the contagious passion we feel for mountaineering through all of our trips and courses: during the ascent of Mont Blanc and technical courses, as well as during family holidays and treks like the Tour du Mont Blanc.

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